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I'm an experienced and accomplished writer,  well-versed and passionate about a variety of topics including crafts, interiors, gaming, technology and current affairs. With over 12 years' experience writing for national magazines, I'm used to the tight deadlines and strict guidelines of the newsroom. I'm also fully versed in social media and best SEO practice and enjoy producing engaging content for websites, blogs, and other online platforms.

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I am passionate about craft and can turn my hand to a wide array of different techniques and skills, from sewing and papercraft to woodwork, upcycling, upholstery and more. My experience as a craft editor ensures that I provide the full package when creating projects - from the initial concept and design through to creation, styling and copy writing. I have built excellent relationships with suppliers and experts across the craft industry and use these connections to ensure a high quality product, every time.


Over the course of my career I've not only honed my writing skills but my proofing skills, too.
With over a decade of experience proofreading some of the UK's leading national consumer magazines, my work is quick and accurate and
I never miss a mistake. Away from my magazine work, I have partnered internationally with businesses such as ThruLine Marketing to ensure promotional and academic materials are perfect, every time.

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